Wirkungsvoller UV-Schutz: Über 80-mal länger in der Sonne!Our sun gives us not only light, heat and comfort, but also dangerous radiation: 

This radiation, which ist harmful to the skin, is absorbed for the most part by the ozone layer in the stratosphere. But the ozone layer has become increasingly thinner over the past 20 years, wihich means that mor of the harmful radiation reaches the earth.

Upt to protection factor 50+

The protection factor indicates how much longer you can stay out in the sun than without protection, without getting a sunburn. Schneider umbrellas have been rated up to protection factor 50+

Please note that the umbrella cannot protect you angainst indirect UV radiation, such as that reflected from a house wall, a glass facade or a water surface. Therefore, we recommend the additional use of sunscreen cream.


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